Quote from TOG recommendation IV

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Deactivate „show all object names“ – at least before entering TOG Mall.

(it’s no fun to see only a white wall of names)

stay tuned…

Quote from TOG recommendation III

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Always send out Thank you letters to your customers.

(Customers tent to delete the waypoint they got from the bazaar terminal. So sent them a bit later a gmail with a nice letter – and include the waypoint again.)

stay tuned…

Quote from TOG recommendation II

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Always have harvesters running. Never waste lots.

(better static harvesters then a free lot. wasting a lot is wasting money)

stay tuned…

Quote from TOG recommendation I

Erstellt am September 16, 2009 von Belisama.
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If you’re always out of stock, you’re too cheap.

(that rule of course only work if you restock on a regular basis)

stay tuned…

‚Perfect‘ 45.0 crafting station available

Erstellt am August 20, 2009 von Belisama.
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Now in TOG Mall – ‚Perfect‘ 45.0 crafting stations! These stations will add a nice experimentation and assembly bonus! These are perfect for helping you cap those items aswell as excellent for Jedi while crafting your lightsaber!

These bonuses will make your crafted items even better and may get you that stray 100% cap!

craftingstation1 craftingstation2

stay tuned…

Force Facilities

Erstellt am Juni 16, 2009 von Belisama.
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Today Antal gave the Force Facilities vendor to Aytekin. Antal is a bit short on time at the moment and we from TOG want to be able to always offer the famous TOG saber kits.
Of course Aytekin will take care of all the other Jedi needs as well. So you maybe want to check out his offers soon 🙂

stay tuned…

Newsletter delayed

Erstellt am Juni 5, 2009 von Belisama.
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Sorry folks – without ingamemails i can’t update SWGCraft. And without SWGCraft and can’t write my usual newletter.
I will wait until tomorrow and hope that i am able to update SWGCraft then.

stay tuned….

Bel’s factories still working

Erstellt am Mai 8, 2009 von Belisama.
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As i mentioned i still working on more food. Today i started some factories with:
Bel’s Ahrisa (22.8 Poison Absorb & 3 Poison Resist)
Bel’s Veronian Berry Wine (22.8 Bleeding Absorption & 3 Bleeding Resistance)
Bel’s Rancor Aid (6.84 Resist Snare)
Bel’s Vasarian Brandy (114 Strength & 40 Constitution)
Bel’s Gruuvan Shaal (182.4 Precision)
Bel’s Pikatta Pie (136.8 Constitution & 20 Precision)

So i guess tomorrow i can start adding it to my vendor 🙂

Stay tuned…

Bel’s restocked some new

Erstellt am Mai 5, 2009 von Belisama.
Kategorien: TOG News.

As i told before i have trouble to make all food i want… The factories are still runing – and today i restocked:
Bel’s Scrimpi (11.21 Heal Potency & 40 Stamina)
Bel’s Ithorian Mist (22.8 Fire Absorption & 3 Fire Resistance)
Bel’s Trimpian (11.4 Heal Potency & 40 Constitution)
Bel’s Havla (114 Strength & 40 Stamina)

stay tuned…

GU9 Food & Drinks Stocklist from Bel’s

Erstellt am Mai 1, 2009 von Belisama.
Kategorien: TOG News, Zounds.

It seems some customers don’t believe that i stocked up with new food already. So first the list of completely new stuff on my stocklist that’s already available:

Bel’s Parwan Nutricake (158.76 Constitution & 4 Heal Potency)
Bel’s Trimpian (11.3 Heal Potency & 40 Constitution)
Bel’s Starshine Surprise (4.65 Milk Quantity, 5 Exceptional Milk Chance & 25 Paralyze beast)
Bel’s Citros Snow Cake (114 Luck & 30 Stamina)
Bel’s T’illa-T’iil (180 Stamina & 20 Precision)
Bel’s Bivoli Tempari (211 Stamin & 40 Constitution)
Bel’s Vayerbok (132 Agility & 40 Stamina)
Bel’s Vegeparsine (145 Agility & 40 Constitution)
Bel’s Elshandruu Pica Thundercloud (125.9 Agility, 15 Constitution & 15 Stamina)
Bel’s Terratta (207 Constitution & 40 Stamina)
Bel’s Smuggler’s Delight (5.256 Spice Downer Resistance)

Stuff that was on stocklist before but already don’t have the old stats in the name (i consider that „new stuff“ as well):
Bel’s Deneelian Fizz Pudding (157.68 Luck, 3 Block Chance & 30 Block Value)
Bel’s Mandalorian Wine (210 Strength & 30 Constitution)
Bel’s Rakririan Burnout Sauce (120 Strength & 30 Precision)
Bel’s Thakitillo (210 Stamina & 3 Parry Chance)
Bel’s Vercupti of Agazza Boleruuee (184.8 Precision, 3 Evasion Chance & 30 Evasion Value)
Bel’s Flameout (144.5 Agility, 3 Strikethrough Chance & 30 Strikethrough Value)
Bel’s Accarragm (181 Agility & 27 Movement)
Bel’s Breath of Heaven (210 Constitution & 3 Dodge Chance)
Bel’s Chandad (17.76 Surveying)
Bel’s Veghash (34.2 Creature Harvesting)
Bel’s Bespin Port (26 Experimentation bonus)
Bel’s Pyollian Cake (15.87 Assembly bonus)

only pre-GU9 stuff (but converted, so it still work):
Kommerken Steak +11.9 Forage Bonus +5 Treasure Map Foraging
Bel’s Cavaellin Creams (5.28 Quick Resucitation)
(and some more for a lower price as usual)

coming soon:
Vasarian Brandy (Strength & Constitution)
Havla (Strength & Stamina)
Gruuvan Shaal (Precision)
T’ssolok (Precision & Constitution)
Ormachek (Precision & Stamina)
Rancor Aid (Resist Snare)
Veronian Berry Wine (Bleeding absorption & Bleed resist)
Scrimpi (Heal Potency & Stamina)
Ahrisa (Poison Absorb & Poison Resist)
Ithorian Mist (Fire Absorption+ medium & Fire Resistance)
Pikatta Pie (Constitution & Precision)
Garrmorl (Constitution, Strength & Precision)

for the stuff that still missing: I first need to make chef tissues, then i need to make food additives from then. in between i need more components (liek casks, Alcohol, Soypro or Dough) and when all that is done i can start a factory run with the final food. And the chef tissues already need about 3 days to make… *sigh*

stay tuned…

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