News about Food & Drinks in GU9

Erstellt am April 23, 2009 von Belisama.
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As i mentioned: I checked out the new GU9-Food Chart Onyx made. And this is the food you maybe interested in. Don’t forget: This is the not enhanced stats. Enhancing usual raise the first stat. The stuff i will ofer will be much better 🙂

Deneelian Fizz Pudding +72 Luck +3 Block Chance +30 Block Value
Citros Snow Cake +60 Luck +30 Stamina

Mandalorian Wine +96 Strength +30 Con
Rakririan Burnout Sauce +60 Strength +30 Precision

Vasarian Brandy +60 Strength +40 Con
Havla +60 Strength +40 Stamina

Thakitillo +96 Stamina +3 Parry Chance
T’illa-T’iil +84 Stamina +20 Precision
Bivoli Tempari +96 Stamina +40 Con

Gruuvan Shaal +96 Precision
Vercupti of Agazza Boleruuee +84 Precision +3 Evasion Chance +30 Evasion Value
T’ssolok +60 Precision +30 Con
Ormachek +60 Precision +30 Stamina

Flameout +66 Agility +3 Strikethrough Chance +30 Strikethrough Value
Vayerbok +60 Agility +40 Stamina
Accarragm +96 Agility +27 Movement
Vegeparsine +66 Agility +40 Con
Elshandruu Pica Thundercloud +60 Agility +15 Con +15 Stamina

Breath of Heaven +96 Con +3 Dodge Chance
Terratta +96 Con +40 Stamina
Parwan Nutricake +84 Con +4 Heal Potency
Pikatta Pie +72 Con +20 Precision
Garrmorl +48 Constitution +15 Strength +15 Precision

Trimpian +6 Heal Potency +40 Con

Rancor Aid +3.6 Resist Snare
Veronian Berry Wine +12 Bleeding absorption +3 Bleed resist
Scrimpi +6 Heal Potency +40 Stamina
Ahrisa +12 Poison Absorb +3 Poison Resist
Ithorian Mist +12 Fire Absorption +3 Fire Resistance

Smuggler’s Delight +2.4 Spice Downer Resistance
Kommerken Steak +12 Forage Bonus +5 Treasure Map Foraging (can’t be enhanced)
Veghash +18 Creature Harvesting
Bespin Port + Experimentation bonus
Pyollian Cake +Assembly bonus
Starshine Surprise +3 Milk Quantity +5 Exceptional Milk Chance +25 Paralyze beast
Chandad +12 Surveying
Cavaellin Creams Quick Resucitation +2.4

stay tuned…

GU9 – Chef chances

Erstellt am April 19, 2009 von Belisama.
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I already wrote a bit about the new stats you can find on some food and drinks. But Onux made a new chart with the caps of all 🙂
The caps are unenhanced. With food additives i can raise the stats of course 🙂

For example: Vercuptis old cap was 36 Precision, my enhanced stuff have 79.2. Now guess how high the stat will be if the base cap is already +84 Precision… 🙂

stay tuned…

Trick for Static Harvester

Erstellt am März 27, 2009 von Belisama.
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Maybe you saw that in my „how to get resources“ guide:

Static harvesters mean:
You place the harvester close to a spot to your home or you often pass. Then you just select a resource with high concentration.

But did you know that you can list the current harevstable resources by concentration at the harvester? That help you picking a resource maybe 🙂

stay tuned…

Tricks on Harvester Hoppers

Erstellt am März 9, 2009 von Belisama.
Kategorien: Tricks & Hints.

Are you tired of getting only 100k unit resource stacks at once from harvesters ?Especially of elites harvesters?

Then I have a nice „undocumented feature“ a friend discovered a few days ago: If you want to retrieve a resource you get a window with a slider and the possibility to type in a number.

You can adjust the amount of resources to retrieve by moving the slider. But he is limited to 100.000 units.
BUT you can type in a 0 behind the 100000. Without touching the slider. And if you hit ok after it – you retrieve whole the stuff from the hopper at once. Even if its more than 400k at once 🙂

stay tuned…

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