*** now new: prices for recycled resources ***

Erstellt am September 27, 2010 von Belisama.
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flora recycled 0.5 cpu
minerals (exept ore), chemicals, gas recycled 1 cpu
Ore, water recycled 2 cpu


Erstellt am Juni 11, 2010 von Belisama.
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i raised the price i want to pay for a sbnowspeeder to 70 mill each

got all – thanks !

stay tuned…

Snowspeeder ITV

Erstellt am Juni 4, 2010 von Belisama.
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*** special request ***

I am looking for a total of 5 deeds of Snowspeeder ITV. I am willing to pay 50 mill each.

stay tuned…

Portable Deep Fryer

Erstellt am Mai 8, 2010 von Belisama.
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You ever heard of the Portable Deep Fryer? It’s a tool for everybody who want to make own buffs. There is a nice guide about it. You don’t have to do the quest, you can buy the Portable Deep Fryer as well.

Note that you need Foraged Rare Component for making the buffs. You can forage for them – or buy them from Bel’s vendors.

stay tuned…

Beast Master Expertise Changes

Erstellt am Mai 7, 2010 von Belisama.
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Just want to make sure that nobody miss the Beast Master Expertise Changes

stay tuned…

Strange Request

Erstellt am Januar 3, 2010 von Belisama.
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got a mail today:

I need RE belts or gloves or boots,armor,not clothing,willing to pay 50k per crate

my reply:

you should get yourself a factory then ,)

stay tuned…

OOC Sorry for delay

Erstellt am November 28, 2009 von Saakje.
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.. but yesterday i was at the dentist and now i have one wisdom tooth less…

Quote from TOG recommendation IV

Erstellt am September 24, 2009 von Belisama.
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Deactivate „show all object names“ – at least before entering TOG Mall.

(it’s no fun to see only a white wall of names)

stay tuned…

Quote from TOG recommendation III

Erstellt am September 20, 2009 von Belisama.
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Always send out Thank you letters to your customers.

(Customers tent to delete the waypoint they got from the bazaar terminal. So sent them a bit later a gmail with a nice letter – and include the waypoint again.)

stay tuned…


Erstellt am September 18, 2009 von Belisama.
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Here a new boilerplate i wrote today. Just want to share it… 🙂


you offered some items/bags to me. I am not sure what for. I am ressource merchant, nothing else. So I think this was a mistake.

Could that may be an offer for one of my guildies?

In that case please make sure to offer the stuff to the right vendor. After the TOG-Mall is a guildmall, we have several merchants owning vendors in here.

Whenever you have ressources to sell, the vendor you choose was the right one. But please do not offer them in bags. I wont buy them as long as I am not able to see what stuff it is exactly. Please ask for the prices I pay for ressources 🙂


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