How To Find the Correct Price

Erstellt am Dezember 13, 2009 von Belisama.
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From time to time people offering me stuff for to low prices. So let’s give you an short introduction how to find out the correct price.

In short terms: First check newsletter – then basic pricelist.

If you are unsure what i mean by that here is the long version:
First check if the resource was listed in the newsletter by name. Possible you don’t have all newsletters from the last weeks. But you can search for the name of the resource heer at TOG Holonet Channel. If it was listed you will find it.

If the name of the resource is not mentioned, then check if the generic resource class is in high demand at this moment. for this check the current newsletter. Often there is „grind stuff“ listed. Last friday it was for example water, Gemstone and metal. If you are unsure what resource class it is you can check it or ingame at bazaar terminal (you can see the resource tree there) or check out SWGCraft.

If the resource is not named in the newsletter and the generic resource is not in high demand either – then you check the basic pricelist.

BTW after the last bazaar update you can see the CPU-Price of a resource if you exam it 🙂

stay tuned…

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