*** Resources of the Week (July 24th) ***

Erstellt am July 24, 2011 von Belisama.
Kategorien: Resources.

My vendors are still extremply well stocked aka i am at vendor item cap. But i still buy resources:

grind stuff (no recycled resources)
1.5 cpu – every steel

basic prices of surveyable Resources
0.8 cpu for flora (recycled 0.5 cpu)
1 cpu inorganics exept:
3 cpu water (recycled 2 cpu)

creature Resources:
6 cpu – Endorian Wooly Hide
harvest from Gurreck, Mantigrue

6 cpu – Corellian Leathery Hide
harvest from Bageraset, Gronda, Gubbur, Humbaba, Mawgax, Scavenger Rat, Spined Puc, Voritor, Vrelt, Wynock

4 cpu – Yavinian Leathery Hide
harvest from Mawgax, Spined Puc

4 cpu – Dathomirian Leathery Hide
harvest from Baz Nitch, Bolma, Brackaset, Kamurith, Kiwi, Malkloc, Reptilian Flier, Rancor, Squill, Verne

4 cpu – Twevao – Lokian Leathery Hide
harvest from Gurk, Gurnaset, Kimogila, Mynock, Perlek, Snorbal, Spined snake, Vesp

5 cpu any wooly Hide

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