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Erstellt am October 5, 2011 von Belisama.
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Renko was born at Dec 17 2005 at Wanderhome as a trader. I started saving my mails at 2007, so there is a lot missing! But you maybe get an impression of my business.

Entity            Total
Credits Earned    631,546,408
Own purchases     251,937,883
Net cash          379,608,525
Unique Items      516
Unique Customers  265
Own Vendor:
Vendor               Items Sold   Income       business time frame
TOG Antique 'n Hoard 1,232        231,498,234  Dec 08 2007 - Jan 17 2009 

I also sold stuff to other vendors (Delivery), that’s why the ‘Credits Earned’ and ‘ Income’ on my vendor differ
TOG Antique ‘n Hoard sold all stuff that doesn’t fit into any other vendor of my family. This was mainly loot, but also crated survey tools, interplanetary survey droids or old deeds.

stay tuned…

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