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Erstellt am September 25, 2011 von Belisama.
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Belisama Lotham was born at Nov. 23 2003 at Wanderhome. I started saving my mails at 2007 after NGE was introduced, so there is a lot missing! But you maybe get an impression of my business

Entity		     Total
Credits Earned   1,061,303,810
Own purchases	   570,769,695
Net cash	   490,534,115

Unique Items	 1,132
Unique Customers 1,063
Own Vendor: (all my vendors had an Hoof'n'Horn in front of their name)
Vendor 	           Items Sold  	    Income	Business time frame
Bio-Genetics              29	  6,299,000 	Feb 12 2008 - Dec 08 2007
Functional Wear          456	 34,496,900	Dec 08 2007 - Jan 13 2009
Gourmet	                1946	544,670,800 	Dec 08 2007 - Jan 13 2009
Haberdashery            1841	 35,802,000	Dec 11 2007 - Jan 12 2009
Haute Couture            700	  3,568,600	Dec 08 2007 - Jan 13 2009
Ingredients	          42	  1,556,800	Dec 05 2008 - Dec 10 2008
Petfood	                1413	  4,215,000	Dec 08 2007 - Jan 04 2009
Pets	                  31	 24,799,813	Dec 13 2007 - Jan 13 2008
Wookie 'n Ithorian Gear  138	    372,200 	Dec 18 2007 - Aug 30 2008
food additives	          28	  2,340,020 	Dec 18 2007 - Mar 28 2008

I also sold stuff to other vendors (Delivery), that’s why the ‚Credits Earned‘ and my total ‚ Income‘ on my vendors differ

Hoof’n’Horn Bio-Genetics sold BeastMaster-components. That’s why it started later then the others (after NGE).

Hoof’n’Horn Functional Wear sold clothing with pre-NGE stats. I never stopped selling these!

Hoof’n’Horn Gourmet sold food and drinks (temporary buffs).

Hoof’n’Horn Haberdashery sold tailor components. Especially the components that Munition traders need to make armor (and are not able to make by themselfs) sold well.

Hoof’n’Horn Haute Couture sold non-stated clothing started at 200 creds. They are cheap that’s why i don’t make much money with them.

Hoof’n’Horn Ingredients sold chef ingredients only for a few days.

Hoof’n’Horn Petfood sold petfood. It’s cheap so there is not much money in it.

Hoof’n’Horn Pets sold – of course – pets (incubated eggs)

Hoof’n’Horn Wookie ’n Ithorian Gear sold – of course Wookie and Ithorian Gear until Aug. 2008. After that this type of clothing was sold at the Haute Couture vendor.

Hoof’n’Horn food additives sold pre-NGE food additives until i was sold out. In that time this stuff was made by Bio-Engineers. Ages later this food additives where brought back for chefs.

stay tuned…

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