Rienco – Statistics of Starsider

Erstellt am December 14, 2011 von Belisama.
Kategorien: TOG News, Zounds.
Credits Earned	 903,517,499
Own purchases      1,229,037
Net cash	 902,288,462
Unique Items	 815
Unique Customers 919

I also sold stuff to other vendors (Delivery), that’s why the ‘Credits Earned’ and ‘ Income’ on my vendor differ
TOG Antique ‘n Hoard sold all stuff that doesn’t fit into any other vendor of my family. This was mainly loot, but also crated survey tools, interplanetary survey droids or old deeds. One year later i set up a vendor for that, called ‘Survey Needs’. Later on i took over the Invisible stuff from a guildie.

Own Vendor:
Vendor               Items Sold   Income       business time frame
TOG Antique 'n Hoard  1978	721,846,548    Jan 23 2009 - Dez 14 2011	
Survey Needs	       539	  5,497,855    Jan 03 2010 - Dez 14 2011
TOG Invisibles	       882	 16,173,000    Jun 08 2010 - Dez 14 2011

stay tuned…

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