Video Tutorials

at the moment i offer two tutorials:

How to update creature resources at SWGCraft

an Tutorial how to contribute the data of creature resources in your inventory. Its perfect for any hunters out there, that don’t know much about SWGCraft at all.

The lines you need in your notepad are:


Updating Organics at SWGCraft Project with the aid of the resource deed

In this tutorial you learn 3 things:
1. how to use the resource deed for checking stats of resources without consuming the deed
2. how to find out the current resource without visiting the planet
3. how to enter resources at different planets at once

You need to know all things teached at How to update creature resources at SWGCraft
For this tutorial you need to download 2 files: and (If you already downloaded you only need
Unzip them in the same directory and open the html-File to watch the tutorial

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