Guide: How to get resources

Guide: How to get resources

There are different ways to get resources:
1. harvest creatures
2. search lairs
3. milk creatures
4. place harvesters


1. harvest creatures
harvest creatures you kill via the radial menu. You can also use a macro while targeting the dead creature: /harvest bone /harvest hide or /harvest meat.
Veghash food gives you a bonus on this. You can also use a special droid to harvest. Highest bonus is +120. If you use a droid Veghash will help as well. If you are looking for a certain type of creature resource: You can find a planet specific list on my web page at the end of the page with my buying prices.

2. search lairs
with search lairs you can find eggs, there is a command under ‘commands’ -> ‘others’. eggs are not in high demand anymore.

3. milk creatures
milk creatures gives of course milk. There is a command under ‘commands’ -> ‘others’. It works not on all creatures, the info what cresatures you can get milk from is included under the planet specific list mentioned under No.1.

4. place harvesters
place harvesters to get mineral, chemical, gas, water, flora and all types of energy In order for that, you need harvesters, best are currently Elite harvesters. They are available for: Minerals, Chemicals, Flora, Gas and Water.

These take up 3 lots each. If you plan to buy one, don’t buy anything below BER44! One Elite is more efficient than a normal heavy harvester machine, which has a max of BER14 and storage of about 125K. They take 1 lot. An Elite has 3xBER14 plus 2 extra (therefore BER44), and cost less maintenance and power than three single heavies. 3 of the “make a harvester self powered” can be combined to work for elite harvesters. BUT: you cannot split them back to the original “make a harvester self powered” (working as intended).

For Radioactives you can use the Fusion Ion Generator which come about max BER19 (not sure what max is, think 20 or so), and they do not need energy to be powered. You can also use an Mineral harvesters if you prefer.

Exception is the new Geothermal Harvester, which has BER15 and storage of about 55 to 60K. Geothermal Energy is used for Beast Master incubator.

Now, after deciding on the harvester, which depends on what you want to harvest obviously you can set it up.

You can choose between using the harvesters ’static’ or you move them around.

Static harvesters mean:
You place the harvester close to a spot to your home or you often pass. Then you just select a resource with high concentration.

Or you deside to put in more effort (and get more resources and better prices) by moving the harvesters. For that you either by having a WP or by searching for a WP. As a non-trader it is better to have a WP, because a non-trader survey skill is bad. If you sell to me I can provide you with WPs 🙂

Next is to set up the harvester. Move to the WP and use the harvester deed to place it. You may need to move around a little to find a suitable spot (like placing a house/base etc.) and/or clear a nest out.

If you plan on setting multiple harvesters with multiple characters, name your harvester, so you can know which one is whose. Call the radial menu and use “Set Name” (or make a macro with /name ‘xxxx’)

Next thing is to set up maintenance and power, radial menu “Pay Maintenance” and “Deposit Power”. Maintenance obviously in credits, power through power resources, such as wind energy or radioactive energy. Radioactive is the most used and easier to get. (or use macros also: /addPower 12600 and /paymaintenance 12500;

After doing so, radial menu option –> Operate Machinery. A new window will open up, and if you’ve set the harvester first time on that resource, click on “Change Resource”. Look for the Resource you want to harvest and click ok. then in the Operate window, click on “Turn on Harvester”.
If you using your harvester as ’statics’: You can sort the resource list by concentration. Isn’t that handy? 🙂

Emptying a harvester:
You need to empty your harvester from time to time, so it won’t cap at full storage and won’t harvest anymore until emptied. Use “Operate Machinery” and now click on “Hopper”. A new window pops up with the storage info, double click on the resource (or click once and then “Retrieve Resource” button below). You can only pull 100K per click, so you might need to do it more than once in a row.

Redeeding your harvester:
A harvester fortunately can be redeeded, not a one-time thing. In order to be redeeded, the harvester needs to be switched off and hopper emptied. Also it needs to have enough maintenance available, as it cost some money (4500 on a heavy, 12375 on an Elite). Radial menu –> Destroy Structure, and a window pops up giving you info if all criteria have been reached. Click on “yes” and then enter the code in the new small pop-up window, then the harvester will be back as deed in your inventory.

Please note: there is something called resource shift. that means that every few days (5-7 for mineral, chems, gas and water, 7-21 days for flora and creature resources).
If you found a new resource you can update SWGCraft by yourself or give me a sample of the new resource.

thank you


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